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S.A.R.C 2023 Comes To A Close!

With over thirty students joining us this summer for Bright Star Learning Center's Summer Academic Recovery Camp, we celebrate a successful six weeks! Let's go over how our final weeks of S.A.R.C went.

As always, our first priority is to provide an engaging place of learning where students can learn new lessons and retain old lessons. Our educators focused on math and reading. In the latter half of summer, students engaged in STEM lessons with instruction from Tracy Brown. Brown led lessons in density such as Can You Make Ice Cubes Float, allowed our students to fly drones, and even led the creation of rockets made of paper and straw.

Thanks to a variety of people, community organizations and businesses, we were also able to provide some summer fun to our students. Our students were able to beat the summer heat through the creation of our own water park at the Drew Owen park with activities such as the slip n' slide, water balloons, and other water related fun. Thanks to BTM Dutch Square Cinema, we were we to take our students to see Disney-Pixar's Elemental.

Lessons in discipline and fun were given through JB Martial Arts and the titular James Bowman as students once again learned fundamentals of karate.

We ended the summer with exploring arts and crafts as well as playing games to relax. With a successful summer behind us, we look forward to the new school year!


Below you will find a gallery of all pictures taken during the latter half of S.A.R.C.

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