Our Mission 

       Bright Star Learning Center is committed to providing a variety of academic support services to students/families through individual and small group tutoring, homework assistance, and summer camps that provide an atmosphere that is safe for children to learn and develop academically, and socially.

About Us

          Bright Star Learning Center, Inc. is a nonprofit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person.  The purposes for which this corporation is formed are exclusively charitable within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and consisting of the following:


1.   To provide a supplemental educational program aimed at focusing on each child's individual needs and connected to the students’ regular school-day learning;

2.   To facilitate academic remediation and enrichment services in which all students feel important and successful; and

3.   To provide an atmosphere that is safe for children to learn and develop academically, and socially.


          The President of Bright Star Learning Center is Brenda Jamison. She received her undergraduate degree, a B.A. in English, from Claflin University, her Master’s degree from Columbia International University in Curriculum and Instruction, and her additional Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the University of South Carolina.  She has served as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, and principal specialist.  A part of her role as a consultant is to assist schools with their curriculum and to work with teachers who need assistance.

          For more information about the after-school program and additional services, call 803-614-5134.


The Learning Center

510 Camelia Street 

North, South Carolina 29112

Office: (803) 614-5134

Cell: (803) 707-1609

Email: info@brightslc.com




Bright Star Learning Center , Inc is an equal opportunity provider.

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